Chapter 1: John Maxwell

11 May

John Maxwell , was a boy about the age of 11 years old, he was the only son  to Richard Maxwell and Diana Maxwell, he was very thin , has a pale face,  his body was thin  and he did not eat very healthy food , his hair was blonde same as his mother but his face has similar look to his father , his legs were dirty and had many small cuts as he played football outside in the dirty surrounding streets, his health condition was not good either as it was winter in this time of the year, and he often fell sick with cold or fever.

John was the only son of the poor Maxwell family which consisted of him, his father Richard Maxwell, and his mother Diana. He never had the chance to go to school as his family was poor and could not afford to send him to school , also his father did not approve of sending him to school and he chose to send him to the nearby coal mine to work in the miserable conditions there to get some money.

John family lived in an old house which John’s father Richard inherited from his father, but the house was in a very bad condition, it was very small it only had two rooms with a main hall, and it did not have a toilet. The roof was very dirty and it was black in color, and there were some three dirty windows which let in a small portion of light during the day.  John room was a small room, it had a small window, and there was no furniture except for a small cupboard, John did not have a bed to sleep on as wooden bed were expensive to buy so he slept on the floor on a thin mattress.

John however spent just little time in his room and that’s when he came back from work in the night he will just drop his body on the mattress and he will straight away fall sleep from all the hard work that he had to do during .the day, he did not see his father a lot of the time as his father was away from home most of the time wondering in the city streets, his mother was ill and she could not do many things due to her illness which kept her laying in her bed.

John was just a small kid but he did not enjoy his childhood due to his family condition and he was not able to go to school or learn anything about writing or reading, he hated his father whom he did not care about the family and he had to care of his ill mother, not to mention that he had to go to work in a coal mine to get money for his family.


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