The Setting of Short Story

11 May
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Have you ever wondered what are the settings of a short story, well here some information about them:

The setting of a story

The setting means the  time and place that form the background for the story. The settings sometimes play a vital role in the short story where by the setting of the story set the reader’s mode and a good description of the setting will make the reader more eager to keep up and follow the events of the story.

Setting in short story includes:

  • · place –  geographical location. Where is the action of the story taking place?
  • · time – When is the story taking place? (historical period, time of day, year, etc)
  • · weather conditions – Is it rainy, sunny, stormy, etc?
  • · social conditions – What is the daily life of the characters like? Does the story contain local color (writing that focuses on the speech, dress, mannerisms, customs, etc. of a particular place)?
  • · mood or atmosphere – What feeling is created at the beginning of the story? Is it bright and cheerful or dark and frightening?

Points to determine the setting of a story :

  • reference to the time or date
  • the names of the characters
  • description of clothing
  • reference to events
  • description of the characters’ occupations
  • description of the surroundings

Benefits of the setting:

Knowing the setting of the story can give us a picture of where the story is taking place and when it’s taking place. The setting gives the reader a better sense of the story. It allows them to visualize what is going on and connect with the characters better; the setting should be connected to the theme of the story.

Tips when writing  the setting:

  • In a short story you have a limited number of words to convey your message , you must choose your settings carefully & wisely
  • Make the reader of the short story able to imagine themselves and put themselves in the characters positions.
  • Appeal to your reader’s five senses to make your setting more real. Remember to combine setting with characterization and plot of the story.
  • Use two or more senses in your description of setting

Also here is a mind map that you can use to brain-storm some ideas for the setting of short story:


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