I still lack creativity

16 May
I still lack creativity

I am a new writer and not professional writer , but I hope I will be able to improve my creativity and my writing skills , I m still looking on ways to improve my creativity, I dont like writing for long periods of time and I hate it when my ideas stop flowing and I stop writing simply because I don’t have anything more to write, so I hope I can get over this challenge and as they say the best way to improve your writing is to write more and to practice writing, so I searched through the web , I used Delicious to search for ways to solve this problem , and then I found the website I think this site will help me solve the problem of my ability to continue writing for long periods of time as this website is simply:

All you have to do is that everyday you log in to the website ,

and then you write 750 words, these words can be about anything , it can be about how was your day or you can write a story or apiece of writing or anything all you have to o is just write 750 words, and don t worry if your writing is about the ideas and inspiration that hit you that day and you wrote them don’t worry about other people seeing them because all of your writing will be private and no one will see them , you might ask if no one will see the things i write then why should I write in the first place , the answer is simple you write so that you can practice your writing and you can improve it and you don’t need to go and take a paper or pen and go practice writing everyday , all you have to do is just log in yo  and practice your writing , I think it’s a great website and also many people on Delicious like it, so why don’t you give it a shot and go check it out , who knows you might like the website


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2 responses to “I still lack creativity

  1. Writers Wanted

    0 at 0

    We really need copy writers desperately. After reviewing this site, We must have you on our crew. We pay $35-$50 hourly. Our prime people are pulling in over $91K a YEAR, writing part-time.
    Please stop by and see what we have to offer.

    • Writer94

      0 at 0

      I m not really interested as I do writing as a hope, I would not apply for a regular job where by I would have to write regularly , but I might be interested if you want volunteer writers, I will write for free but not regularly


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