Curiousity important factor of creativity

17 May
Curiousity important factor of creativity

curiosity is something that can give us inspiration, it’s also something that can keep the ideas flowing and generating in our minds, curious people will have their own kind of creativity as they keep on looking for information and not to mention that curiosity is something which makes the people want to learn more , it keeps them pushing to get more information on a particular topic that they are interested in .

One of the ways that makes people creative is that they have this thing called curiosity , they like to learn new things , explore new fields , and become more expert in the fields that are unknown to them.

To be curious  might some times bring trouble if you ask too many questions , but also it bring benefits with it for example if someone wants to be a journalist then he\she must have curiosity, because how can a journalist know news and information that other people don’t know , its his curious  that drive him to explore more and to learn new things and to report them to the public.

Also curiosity is a good way to drive inspiration from , as if you are being curious  then you will go and explore new things that you never came across before and this will inspire you and gives you the inspiration that you need to write new piece of writing.

So one of the important things if you want to develop a better creativity then you should consider developing your curiosity as it will drive to learn new things and explore more about the world.



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2 responses to “Curiousity important factor of creativity

  1. Stephanie Moore-Fuller

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    I completely agree. I also find that people who are curious about many things are usually the most interesting people to know!

    • Writer94

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      First of all thanks for reading my post!!!
      and you are right curiousity sometimes brings valvuable oppertunities and its also a good way to improve our creativity!


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