Short Story: Joe is not studying

17 May

Joe was playing computer games when his mother called on him , Joe was a teenage kid aged about 13 years old he liked playing games and he cared little about his study , his ultimate focus was on playing the game Football Manager he wanted to win this game so much he started playing this game a few weeks ago and now he is half way through it each day after coming back from school he will go to his room get a shower , change his clothes , close the room’s door and turn on the computer, his results were moderate some of his exams he did poorly in them but later he improved them because his mother threatened him that if he did not do well in his exams and bring good results back home she will take away the laptop from him , and this was a disaster for him , he spent some nights sleepless thinking for a way to solve this problem and trying to come up with a way the he could use that will warrunty him both playing games on the laptop and keeping his laptop at the same time making good results in exams. And one day the idea came to his mind he finally was able to solve the mystery he now can sleep in peace and font have to stay awake for long periods of time thinking about way he could solve his dreadful problem, he thought that if he studied a few days before an exam , and prepared well he wont face any problem and he would be able to over come the disaster of his laptop taken away by his mom.

However today was the last day before his history exam which is due tomorrow, his exam as the teacher has asked the class to write a detailed essay about Shakespeare and bring to the class and present it, at the sound of his mother yelling at him Joe awake from his day dreaming

” Oh , god tomorrow is the due date, and I have not yet done the essay yet” Joe thought to himself

“what is the matter dear?” Joe mother asked Joe replied nervously

“NO, eh its nothing ” Joe said, trying to come up with something to say

” you look troubled, is there something bothering you” his mother said after seeing the reaction on the face of her son.

” No, its nothing mom” as he was saying this he pushed back his chair and ran upstairs to his room.

Then his mother became worried , she thought that her son has gotten himself into a problem and he does not want to talk about it

” Joe come down now!!” ” We have to talk!!” his mother screamed

Joe heard his mother voice and her shouts struck fear into his body

” What if she knew that tomorrow I have exam, and I did not open a  book??”

“If I tell her, she would take the laptop away!, there will be no more games!!, my dream of being the best football manager would fade away!!” these were Joe’s thoughts, as he was thinking the door opened and his mother rushed through,

“Honey, whats the matter with you??” said his mother, demanding an explanation. ” Ah well , mother you know the teacher asked as to write a story about our favourite hobby” and ” So I m just trying to get some ideas on how to start, that’s all” Joe replied, it was the best lie he could come up with

” Oh I see, so do you need any help??”

“No, thanks its Ok”

Ok , If you need any help I will be downstairs”

” yea sure Mom ”

Just as his mother went outside of the room, he jumped to his feet , how will get to write a detailed essay, if he was not paying attention in the class, he tried to look for information in his history books , but there was very little things mentioned about Shakespeare there, he did know what to do….

What if he go to school tomorrow and the teacher ask him to present his work , what will he do???? It will be a big embarrassment for him , not to mention that his laptop will be taken away.

“Oh god, please help me!!”
“I don’t want my laptop taken away!!!”
He then was about to start crying ” From today I will start studying I will prepare for the exams…. I will do anything I just don’t want my laptop to be taken away!!”
“Then an idea came to him, why not go look the internet for some information about Shakespeare??”
“Yes that’s it , I find it”
” I m sure god heard me, he helped me!!” Joe thought
However he managed to find some information about Shakespeare.
But he thought ” what if some other students, brought the same information??”
” I will be in big trouble by then , obviously the teacher will know that i copied them”
so he decided change some of the information, delete some, in the hope that the teacher will not be suspicious of his work.

The presentation day came by, Joe was restless as he watched some of his classmates present their work, he noticed that some of them had similar stuff written in their essays just same to his own, he looked at the teacher, the teacher was not really concentrating on the students presentations , he was busy marking some papers

And then the teacher called his name ” Joe, come on , its your turn” Joe stood to his feet , he was nervous and scared , too many thoughts were going onin his head.

“Did you write the essay??” the teacher asked
“Yea , here it is” said Joe, as he handed the essay to the teacher
the teacher took a quick look on it , and handed back to Joe
“OK , go on read it” said the teacher
After Joe finished his essay ,he looked at the teacher,
“OK , that was not bad”
“But your essay missed some information , ok I will give you B+” said the teacher
hearing this Joe’s heart came to relief and he manged to breathe more easily , he has manged to get through this test and his mark was not that bad.


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