Blogs offering good short stories!!!

21 May

There are some blogs offering good short stories out there and they have some interesting inspirational short stories that everyone can get inspired from and enjoy the reading of the short stories they have….. this blog has some really nice short stories, they are unique and beautifully written, they also offer great inspiration to write your own short stories and the blog have short stories on different genres.

Here is also another short story blog , the blog is interesting and it has some nice stories up there and the stories are great to read , they are written by a writer from india he use his blog as a publishing platform for his short stories , just like me I use Vix Stories to publish my stories and writes notes, hope you enjoy reading them

I m still looking for good short story blogs,

If you have a short story blog please comment on the post and include the link of your blog 🙂


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3 responses to “Blogs offering good short stories!!!

  1. girivijayakumar

    0 at 0

    I am the author of storywheel: the short story blog referred to in this post. Thank you for your kind words. I haven’t posted recently and intend to get back to writing soon.

    Best regards.

    • Writer94

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      you are welcome and I enjoy reading your writing , hope you good luck with your writing and I m looking forward to read your new posts 🙂


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