RSS a great way of inspiration

24 May
if you are looking at getting inspiration and you have run out of ideas, then you should visit this site this site offers some way of providing people with ideas and inspiration out of one word, basically the function of this site is to give you a new word each day and you have 60 seconds to write as much as you can about this one word , you can use the words that this site provides as ani idea for you to get inspired and you can use it to make writing out of it, for example today word at was “thief” well I went to the site logged in and wrote about this word, although after finishing , I used this word to be my main idea to write a short story , I will write a new short story about this word “thief” , and you could do the same thing just go over to the site and sign up and each day you will get a new word which means a new idea which you can use to write about. is very interesting site also you can read what other people have written, and you can get inspired by their writings and you can make friends and join groups at the website , brings you an easy way which you can get ideas and inspiration from and its a fun thing to do. The website is simply is a great way of getting inspiration.


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