How to Read?

04 Jun

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Books are just like people , some of them are gentle. some of them are funny, some are beautiful, awesome, traitor, curious, and the world is wide enough for all of these… and the library will not be complete , only if it was complete just like the world, where there are different people , which means there must be different kinds of books.

Some people might say to you ” read something that will benefit you” but I say : get benefited from what you read” , because how will you know that a book will benefit you if you did not read it yet?

The reader who picks and read only some specific kinds of books and , is like a sick person who picks and eats some specific kinds of food , this means if you want to be a healthy person you must eat different kinds of food, the same thing apply for reading if you want to be a good reader and you want to have various information on different kinds of stuff then you should read different kinds of books.

I don’t know who told the people to read the book only once, even though you will not be able to digest all the information in that book you read from the first time, this means you might miss some important information and ideas the first time you read the book, but when you repeat the book the second time, you will come across these information and ideas and you will get better understanding of the book
, because a book which is read two times is better than two books , each one of them only once read. Also if you want to study a book and get all the useful things out of it , you will not be able to do that in only one time, it will take some time before you will be able to get  everything and to understand everything from that book.

So the next time you plan to read a book or study it make sure you read it more than once because you will miss a lot of interesting facts, ideas , and information if you only read it once.

Tips to enjoy reading:

  • Read in a place where there is a good lighting
  • Read outdoor in the park or in a garden
  • Make sure the place is quit so that no one will disturb you while you read
  • Read when you are bored and when you are trying to pass time
  • Enjoy a snack with your book
  • Put yourself in the main character’s shoes
  • Get comfortable

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