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13 Jun
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I m planning to start a new category for my blog and that is interesting bloggers, in this category I will post about other bloggers and what is interesting about their blogs. The reason why I m doing this is to find some interesting blogs and give them more exposure and there are a lot of nice  and interesting blogs out there , but they just don’t get the chance to be noticed by people.

Each week I will focus on a new interesting blog, the blogs that I will write about will be about fiction  writers blog , people who post some interesting short stories, poems , creative writings, and other fiction blogs, this will be at the beginning and then I will move on to write about more interesting blogs not only blogs about fiction but some other blogs, that people should know about , and blogs that are worth reading.

How I m going to choose the blog that I m going to write about?

Well, I will use different methods and I will look through the various and different blogs untill I come across a blog that is different from the others , or a blog that has some outstanding content and interesting posts.

The things that I will talk about:

  • Review I will review that blog , and include all the things that make the blog interesting.
  • Best Posts : I will write about the best posts of that blog and its interesting content.
  • Why is it worth reading? I will tell you why that blog is worth reading , and visiting.

OK at last if you have interesting blog that you want to share and want me to visit or talk about , or if you think your blog is interesting   and you want me to talk about your blog or make reviews about it, comment on this post , and say why is it interesting, I will see if I can post something about it.


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10 responses to “Interesting Bloggers and Blogs

  1. GD

    0 at 0

    What an interesting idea. I myself just started a blog this morning…

    Tell me what you think

    And let me know how this project of yours works out:)

    • Writer94

      0 at 0

      ok I will write about your blog
      just give me sometime…. plus your blog is new , you will need to add more content to make it more interesting
      Good luck with your blog 🙂

      • Writer94

        0 at 0

        I just wrote my first review and its about your blog
        tell me what do you think ?

  2. ummabdallahblog

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