About Vix Stories

About Vix Stories

About: Vix Stories is my platform to publish my stories and to share them with the world.

Better Stories: I hope to write better stories and to improve my writings and get feedback and comments from readers to improve my stories and my writing.

Continuity of The Story: I will post a new chapter after finishing it and not post the whole story in one time,

Description: I like to add different description to the various characters of the stories and each description depends on various things, I like to make the descriptions interesting by adding many describing styles to the description.

Environment: The environment of the story will not always be the same as it will change as the events of the story changes. Changing the environment of the story will always make the story more interesting and it will help the reader to explore new things and not read the same thing over, and over again.

Fun: One of the many things that I enjoy and I have fun doing is writing, I will always turn to writing when I m bored and have nothing to do, and writing stories is one of my favorite activities.

Good Content: Well, I will do my best to improve the content of the stories that I write and I hope that I will get enough comments and feedback on my stories so that I can do better in writing new ones or editing the stories.

History: I love History, and I enjoy reading about history so please don’t be surprised if you find that my stories are about some history events and also I like writing stories about events that took place in the 70s and 80s , also I will try to write some historic fiction.

Ideas: I will have many ideas each day and from these ideas I will develop the events of my stories and write them down, my ideas will be on various things so generally my stories will be on various genres as I like to write about many things and not just stick to one genre.

Journalism: I like Journalism and I will write some stories on the various events that takes place in our world today.

Knowledge: The best way to benefit someone is to give him\her knowledge that she could make use of in this life, I will try to write a informative stories and add new knowledge to each story it will be nice to enjoy reading a story and at the same time getting knowledge and learn new things.

Life: In our life we will face many problems and we will go through many hardships, I will be writing about some of the events that took place in my life, and some of the things that I have gone through and the things that I learnt from this life.

Money: I don’t write these stories for money I just write them because I enjoy writing short stories, but still all the stories that I post on my blog are copyrighted stories and I don’t want anyone to copy them and post them somewhere else and say that he\she is the author of these stories.

Name: My name is Hashim Mohammed and I m behind the blog Vix Stories and I m the one who write all the stories that are posted on this blog.

Optimistic: Its true that I m new to writing and I m not a professional write, but I hope that the future will bring me opportunities to develop my writing style and give me new experiences.

People: People I hope that you will enjoy reading the stories that I write and I hope that you will provide me with your feedback and comments and opinions about the stories so that I can improve them.

Quitting: I always think that the reason behind failure is quitting because you not be successful from the first try but if you keep on going and trying to achieve your objective I m sure that one of your tries will succeed and you will be able to achieve your goals and objectives, but if you quit from the first try you will not achieve anything but failure.

Reading: Reading is one thing that I do to pass on time, I also enjoy reading history books and I read a lot of novels from different genres, and the best thing I like reading is historical fiction.

Stories: I enjoy writing stories and I hope my writing will improve, also I will write stories as much as I can and I will update my blog Vix Stories with new stories from time to time.

Time: From time to time I will be posting new stories and notes and articles about short story writing.

Unfolding the Story: The Plot of each story will be different from other stories, as each story will be on a new topic and a different genre.

Vix Stories: The blog is still under development and still there is a long way to go and I hope as time goes by I will make improve it and make it much better.

Wide Range: I will be writing about a wide range of genres of short stories.

X Characters:  Characters will be different and each one of them will have its own description, life, and other interesting factors that will differ them from the rest of the characters.

Zooming the Picture: I will describe the characters, the places and other things as much as I can and I will be focusing on providing details so that you can be able to picture the characters and the rest of the story.


5 responses to “About Vix Stories

  1. Barry Wax

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    I read your material and found it very informative. I have some works I would like to put on the internet that I feel would be interesting to the public. It is made up but sounds sensible. The first story is about solving the mystery of the Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination. Send me an e-mail and I will send you an attachment for your advise. It is only two pages long.

  2. Writer94

    0 at 0

    give me your email so that I can contact you , I don’t have your email …

  3. Julie Israel

    0 at 0

    What a creative introduction! Looking forward to your posts 🙂

    • Writer94

      0 at 0

      Thanks for passing by ^_^

  4. rejistephenson

    0 at 0

    I find your blog interesting. Hoping to read more from you.Please feel free to go through my blog as I need suggestions from others.


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