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A kid discovers swearing

It was the first time he hear a swearing , the man shouted angrily at the little boy mother with the word with four letters F U C K …and then it was followed by You , John knew the word that the man just shouted at his mother had a bad meaning but he did not know what it was , he looked at his mother she was holding her face in her two hands , while tears came down running her cheeks , he quickly ran to his mother tucked on her skirt , he did not know what to do . He just did not feel right , seeing his mother in that situation , he did not know what he should do … tears started forming in his eyes , while he was looking at here .. calling her Mom .. Mom …


That scene was printed in John’s mind , the details second by second they were deeply dug into his memories , he just could not erase them , it was the day in which his life turned into a narrow angle…


Sitting on the stool at the bar enjoying his vodka shots, sipping the drink slowly , while feeling the burning in his mouth , he came back to this world , after being lost in his childhood world for an instant, the first thing he noticed was the blonde bar waitress staring at him, whom she flashed a smile , and asked : “is everything all right?


Yes , its just a bad day, replied John. He looked at his watch it says 11:35 am , and he looked back at the waitress who were still standning there , he was not in the mood for a conversation now… that when he remembered, he had something to be done at 12pm sharp … killing the man who said the four letter word to his mother , the word which changed his life and started his misery ….


It has been 10 years since that time , John was 8 when the incident happened. His mother passed a few days back from sickness and hunger ,  John had took an oath upon himself that he must avenge his mother and the only thing which could bring satisfaction to his mind right now was killing the man who ended his mother’s life or as he thought it happened that way ….


John went outside of the bar, crossed the streets , walking from corner to corner he kept of track of time , hoping to arrive on his destination at time , he was following the man since two days , he had him tracked , all the shops, the places he visited , his journey from his house to his office , the bus he took , the train he would always hurry to catch , it was all pinned down …John mind was only focused on one thing , killing that man ….


He felt it was his duty to repay his mother , and repaying her he thought would be b killing the man who changed their life, the man who came to their house and told them to pack their things and leave now because they did not pay the mortgage fees for over 3 months , and the bank would not tolerate any more excuses , and after a few hours of arguing and explaining to John’s mom that he was only doing his job , and she should leave otherwise he would call the police and have John’s mother arrested and John will be sent to one of the social care centers…after putting it all to thought John’s mother could not find a way to avoid all this but to leave and keep her son by her side…


After being left by her husband who was spending a life sentence in prison for murder , a crime which he was too foolish to commit, he murdered his best friend while he was drunk after they had an argument over who should win the world cup …..


Time was passing very fast, second after second , everything was going smoothly as John planned.. he was waiting at one of the street corners , waiting for the man to come out of the bank and arrive at the bus stop to wait for the bus like he does everyday …. John spotted him , he was wearing a grey suit , walking slowly to the bus stop as usual , taking his time to think about the events that were going to happen for the rest of the day , Mr, David Will was on his way home, and some how he felt a bit relieved today since he tomorrow was a holiday and he was planing on going to trip with his wife relatives , its going to be a long day , he was thinking while smiling to himself….


That smile on Mr.David’s mouth , made John light up with anger he could not hold himself anymore, he was on the other corner of the road waiting the right moment to come , he planned it carefully , it was going to be quick and easy just like a snap , he was wearing a hoodie which made sure that his face was well covered , and before this day comes , John checked all the buildings around this area, there were no cctv cameras , just a couple of old stores whom their shop keepers did not see a need for having a camera after all there was nothing to steal anyway , just some old shops which rarely had any customers as the near by malls were much more attractive to the young generations who preferred buying all the fancy brands..


Mr.David came to the bus stop it was 11:58 he looked more relieved , only two minis till the bus arrive, and for his convince there was no one at the bus stop , so he could make himself comfortable , he did not like being with strangers , he preferred  to be alone …


John took out the knife, it was a sharp knife , he bought it a few days back from the hunting store near by , he expected it to be satisfying … he was crossing the road trying not to bring any attention towards him , he was heading to the bus stop, avoid contact with the old man as he was walking,,,, when suddenly he stopped ….


John was struck there standing in the middle of the road ,he could not move , he wanted to walk to move his leg , but his body betrayed him , he felt as if there was a force holding him down, his eyes were wide open , starring at the horrifying sight just before his eyes , he just could not what was happening in front of him , his mouth was wide open ..


On the other side of the road, Mr.David was laying on the ground struck by heart stroke , his legs were kicking in the open air , his body was shaking violently , his hand was pressed tightly on his chest where his heart was , he just could not take the pain , he  remembered what the doctor told him that his diabetes was in a critical stage and he should cut down on sugar , but old David a always he disliked doctors and their long talks, and he thought a sweet doughnut could not do much harm after all ,his wife forbade from eating sweets at home ,and after all it was a good occasion to celebrate with a doughnut ……..


That doughnut killed him , but at the same time saved young John from committing the mistake of his life , his mother after spending years with him homeless on the road without much food or shelter  , surely did not want him to spend the rest of his years like his father in prison, probably she was watching over him…




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Short Story: Fighting for our lives

We were staying in our tents, hunger was killing us , our food supplies has finished , and we did not touch a piece of bread for the last three days. We were waiting for the messenger to come back from the back line and the main camp , he was sent to tell the officer at the main camp that our supplies has finished and we need supplies and enforcement troops to back us up.

Time went by slowly , it was our only chance to survive , I thought to myself.

After spending three months on the front line, we were supposed to go back to the back lines and to leave the frontline after the enforcement troops arrive, but our supplies finished two weeks earlier from the supposed date, getting extra supplies from the back line will make sure we will stay alive for the rest of the month and make sure we will be well fed to have the necessary energy to continue fighting and defending our trenches.

US soldier in the Phillipines during World War II

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“If they really want us to defend these trenches , with our lives they should give us some food ” one of my friends was saying.

Then I remembered my wife, I only got to enjoy one year of marriage with her before the war began , and I had to join the army and leave her.

“Will I get the chance to see her again”

” If we continue staying this way, we will die of hunger and I will not even leave this trench” I was saying to myself.

Then I heard some noise, and loud shouts , the messenger came everyone ran towards him , he was supposed to come with the extra supplies that we asked for… but he was empty handed.

“What happened??? where are the supplies?? Are they going to send it later?? Did they promise you they will give us enough supplies??” All the soldiers wanted to know what happened and why did he came back empty-handed.

However the messenger, did not answer any of these questions, he just rushed to the officer tent.

All the soldiers were standing outside the tent , waiting to see the outcome of what is going to happen , and will their life be saved and will they be able to get enough supplies to keep them alive?

After ten minutes which passed slowly like ten years , the officer came out of the tent , he looked at us , our faces dirty with mud, our clothes plain and old, he looked at us with a sad face.

“There will be no extra supplies for now, we will have to wait till the enforcement troops come and only then we will get what we want” with that he turned backwards and entered his tent.

” Are they Crazy???

They want us to die of hunger, how can we fight when we don’t have anything to eat??” said one of the angry soldiers.

I left them arguing and went inside the trench it was my shift time now,  ” I will never get the chance to see my family and wife again” I thought…

“When they come, we should surrender!!” said the man standing next to me

He was looking at me as expecting me o answer him back

” Even if we surrender, they will still kill us , they are merciless ”

“If we keep on fighting we might have the chance to win the battle, and survive” said I

” Win?? Win?? hahahaha ( he broke into loud laughter)

How on Earth can we win , when we are starving , they dont even send us extra food, do you think they will send us enforcement troops if we are under attack???? They will just leave us here to die” said the man.

For a second I thought about what he was saying , He was right!!

If they don’t even send us food to eat , Will they send us some back up if we are under attack??

At that time, I wished I could be near my wife reading my newspaper and enjoying my time.

But that will never happen… Time went by fast and soon I found my self half a sleep laying on the ground, and it was night-time…. my stomach was giving me so much pain that I wanted to shout with the top of my voice , but even if I shout or scream , I will still be hungry and there will be no food to eat.

I started hearing noises , the noise grew louder and louder each second , ” What is that sound?? the sound was familiar to me, but I could not recognize it”

Until I heard the screams ” They are coming!!! They are coming!!!” and then I remembered what the sound was , it was the sound of Tanks.

“Oh my God, They have brought tanks with them,

how are we going to STOP them??”

Fear struck my soul,  I don’t remember being afraid as much as this time before, we can fight and stop their soldiers from advancing , but how are we going to stop their tanks???

The strongest weapon that we have got were our machine guns, but there is no way we can stop those heavy guns with just machine guns.

“Lets Go , Lets surrender”

“This is our only chance to live, There is no way we can stop them ”

said the man beside me, he was shivering with fear , I continued firing my machine gun , as I saw him waking out of the trench , ” Get back, they will shoot you” I screamed at him

but no use he just continued walking, he held up his arms high trying to show them that he is giving up and surrendering , that is when bullets down on him , they shot  him with a dozen of bullets,

at that time , I stood there shaking , I couldn’t move , just stood there watching him as he fell to the ground, by this time there tanks were advancing really fast , and I turned my head and looked to the trench which was next, only to me to see the other two soldiers which were in the trench laying down on the ground dead.

“Oh my god” this was all I could say

At this moment , I heard a loud noise , it was the noise made by the flying fighters(airplanes) ,

“Is this real???”

It only took ten minutes for the plane fighters to destroy some of their tanks, however most of their tanks retreated quickly as they did not want their tanks to be destroyed , we were saved , their attack was halted, but many of my friends and comrades lost their life.

However , I was lucky to stay alive as the next day was the happiest day of my life , as the enforcement troops arrived and I was given a holiday for a week, and was allowed to go back to visit my wife and family, but no matter what happens I will never forget that day, The Day on which We were Fighting for our lives.

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Short Story: Joe is not studying

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Short Story: Joe is not studying

Joe was playing computer games when his mother called on him , Joe was a teenage kid aged about 13 years old he liked playing games and he cared little about his study , his ultimate focus was on playing the game Football Manager he wanted to win this game so much he started playing this game a few weeks ago and now he is half way through it each day after coming back from school he will go to his room get a shower , change his clothes , close the room’s door and turn on the computer, his results were moderate some of his exams he did poorly in them but later he improved them because his mother threatened him that if he did not do well in his exams and bring good results back home she will take away the laptop from him , and this was a disaster for him , he spent some nights sleepless thinking for a way to solve this problem and trying to come up with a way the he could use that will warrunty him both playing games on the laptop and keeping his laptop at the same time making good results in exams. And one day the idea came to his mind he finally was able to solve the mystery he now can sleep in peace and font have to stay awake for long periods of time thinking about way he could solve his dreadful problem, he thought that if he studied a few days before an exam , and prepared well he wont face any problem and he would be able to over come the disaster of his laptop taken away by his mom.

However today was the last day before his history exam which is due tomorrow, his exam as the teacher has asked the class to write a detailed essay about Shakespeare and bring to the class and present it, at the sound of his mother yelling at him Joe awake from his day dreaming

” Oh , god tomorrow is the due date, and I have not yet done the essay yet” Joe thought to himself

“what is the matter dear?” Joe mother asked Joe replied nervously

“NO, eh its nothing ” Joe said, trying to come up with something to say

” you look troubled, is there something bothering you” his mother said after seeing the reaction on the face of her son.

” No, its nothing mom” as he was saying this he pushed back his chair and ran upstairs to his room.

Then his mother became worried , she thought that her son has gotten himself into a problem and he does not want to talk about it

” Joe come down now!!” ” We have to talk!!” his mother screamed

Joe heard his mother voice and her shouts struck fear into his body

” What if she knew that tomorrow I have exam, and I did not open a  book??”

“If I tell her, she would take the laptop away!, there will be no more games!!, my dream of being the best football manager would fade away!!” these were Joe’s thoughts, as he was thinking the door opened and his mother rushed through,

“Honey, whats the matter with you??” said his mother, demanding an explanation. ” Ah well , mother you know the teacher asked as to write a story about our favourite hobby” and ” So I m just trying to get some ideas on how to start, that’s all” Joe replied, it was the best lie he could come up with

” Oh I see, so do you need any help??”

“No, thanks its Ok”

Ok , If you need any help I will be downstairs”

” yea sure Mom ”

Just as his mother went outside of the room, he jumped to his feet , how will get to write a detailed essay, if he was not paying attention in the class, he tried to look for information in his history books , but there was very little things mentioned about Shakespeare there, he did know what to do….

What if he go to school tomorrow and the teacher ask him to present his work , what will he do???? It will be a big embarrassment for him , not to mention that his laptop will be taken away.

“Oh god, please help me!!”
“I don’t want my laptop taken away!!!”
He then was about to start crying ” From today I will start studying I will prepare for the exams…. I will do anything I just don’t want my laptop to be taken away!!”
“Then an idea came to him, why not go look the internet for some information about Shakespeare??”
“Yes that’s it , I find it”
” I m sure god heard me, he helped me!!” Joe thought
However he managed to find some information about Shakespeare.
But he thought ” what if some other students, brought the same information??”
” I will be in big trouble by then , obviously the teacher will know that i copied them”
so he decided change some of the information, delete some, in the hope that the teacher will not be suspicious of his work.

The presentation day came by, Joe was restless as he watched some of his classmates present their work, he noticed that some of them had similar stuff written in their essays just same to his own, he looked at the teacher, the teacher was not really concentrating on the students presentations , he was busy marking some papers

And then the teacher called his name ” Joe, come on , its your turn” Joe stood to his feet , he was nervous and scared , too many thoughts were going onin his head.

“Did you write the essay??” the teacher asked
“Yea , here it is” said Joe, as he handed the essay to the teacher
the teacher took a quick look on it , and handed back to Joe
“OK , go on read it” said the teacher
After Joe finished his essay ,he looked at the teacher,
“OK , that was not bad”
“But your essay missed some information , ok I will give you B+” said the teacher
hearing this Joe’s heart came to relief and he manged to breathe more easily , he has manged to get through this test and his mark was not that bad.


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