how to break down a short story into scenes


Writing short stories sometimes require you to break your story into parts , each part have a different theme, a different setting , a different kind of description , and these parts are called scences , here is an example of some of the common scenes as Elise Stephens say in her post

Common scenes: An opening scene, a conclusion scene, a flashback scene, a fight scene, a restitution scene.

Scenes make up the parts on which the story is built and developed , if you wan to know more about scenes and how can you come up with some scenes for your next short story , then i think you should see this post:

Writing Scene-by-Scene by Elise Stephens

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The new way to read Books online!

SAN ANSELMO, CA - DECEMBER 07:  A computer scr...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

So have you heard of the new way to read Books online???

The way people read books have changed , now they read books online , instead of going to the library an wasting your time , you can just browse through the web , find the book , you want to read , and then you can download it and read , it does not matter if you are at home ,at work or at school , you can read all kinds of books as long as you have a computer and interenet conection.

But still many people find it hard to read books , simply because they migh not have the time to do so, or they are busy with their work , however these things should not put you down , and makes you turn away from reading your favourite book, just because you dont have the time to go downlad the book online or search for it , it does not mean you can not read it.

Now you can read your favourite book without going through all this trouble , you just have to go to DailyLit , and sign up for that service. Generally speaking DailyLit is a unique service that I think have a great future. The service is actually  sends you daily installments of books via e-mail or RSS, which means now you can start reading your favourite books by email.

How to use the DailyLit service?

  • Go to the DailyLit website
  • Sgin up for a FREE account
  • Choose your favourite book , or the book that you wan to read
  • Choose the length of the installments that you wan to recieve
  • Choose the days and when do you want to recieve your emails



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Short Story: Fighting for our lives

We were staying in our tents, hunger was killing us , our food supplies has finished , and we did not touch a piece of bread for the last three days. We were waiting for the messenger to come back from the back line and the main camp , he was sent to tell the officer at the main camp that our supplies has finished and we need supplies and enforcement troops to back us up.

Time went by slowly , it was our only chance to survive , I thought to myself.

After spending three months on the front line, we were supposed to go back to the back lines and to leave the frontline after the enforcement troops arrive, but our supplies finished two weeks earlier from the supposed date, getting extra supplies from the back line will make sure we will stay alive for the rest of the month and make sure we will be well fed to have the necessary energy to continue fighting and defending our trenches.

US soldier in the Phillipines during World War II

Image via Wikipedia

“If they really want us to defend these trenches , with our lives they should give us some food ” one of my friends was saying.

Then I remembered my wife, I only got to enjoy one year of marriage with her before the war began , and I had to join the army and leave her.

“Will I get the chance to see her again”

” If we continue staying this way, we will die of hunger and I will not even leave this trench” I was saying to myself.

Then I heard some noise, and loud shouts , the messenger came everyone ran towards him , he was supposed to come with the extra supplies that we asked for… but he was empty handed.

“What happened??? where are the supplies?? Are they going to send it later?? Did they promise you they will give us enough supplies??” All the soldiers wanted to know what happened and why did he came back empty-handed.

However the messenger, did not answer any of these questions, he just rushed to the officer tent.

All the soldiers were standing outside the tent , waiting to see the outcome of what is going to happen , and will their life be saved and will they be able to get enough supplies to keep them alive?

After ten minutes which passed slowly like ten years , the officer came out of the tent , he looked at us , our faces dirty with mud, our clothes plain and old, he looked at us with a sad face.

“There will be no extra supplies for now, we will have to wait till the enforcement troops come and only then we will get what we want” with that he turned backwards and entered his tent.

” Are they Crazy???

They want us to die of hunger, how can we fight when we don’t have anything to eat??” said one of the angry soldiers.

I left them arguing and went inside the trench it was my shift time now,  ” I will never get the chance to see my family and wife again” I thought…

“When they come, we should surrender!!” said the man standing next to me

He was looking at me as expecting me o answer him back

” Even if we surrender, they will still kill us , they are merciless ”

“If we keep on fighting we might have the chance to win the battle, and survive” said I

” Win?? Win?? hahahaha ( he broke into loud laughter)

How on Earth can we win , when we are starving , they dont even send us extra food, do you think they will send us enforcement troops if we are under attack???? They will just leave us here to die” said the man.

For a second I thought about what he was saying , He was right!!

If they don’t even send us food to eat , Will they send us some back up if we are under attack??

At that time, I wished I could be near my wife reading my newspaper and enjoying my time.

But that will never happen… Time went by fast and soon I found my self half a sleep laying on the ground, and it was night-time…. my stomach was giving me so much pain that I wanted to shout with the top of my voice , but even if I shout or scream , I will still be hungry and there will be no food to eat.

I started hearing noises , the noise grew louder and louder each second , ” What is that sound?? the sound was familiar to me, but I could not recognize it”

Until I heard the screams ” They are coming!!! They are coming!!!” and then I remembered what the sound was , it was the sound of Tanks.

“Oh my God, They have brought tanks with them,

how are we going to STOP them??”

Fear struck my soul,  I don’t remember being afraid as much as this time before, we can fight and stop their soldiers from advancing , but how are we going to stop their tanks???

The strongest weapon that we have got were our machine guns, but there is no way we can stop those heavy guns with just machine guns.

“Lets Go , Lets surrender”

“This is our only chance to live, There is no way we can stop them ”

said the man beside me, he was shivering with fear , I continued firing my machine gun , as I saw him waking out of the trench , ” Get back, they will shoot you” I screamed at him

but no use he just continued walking, he held up his arms high trying to show them that he is giving up and surrendering , that is when bullets down on him , they shot  him with a dozen of bullets,

at that time , I stood there shaking , I couldn’t move , just stood there watching him as he fell to the ground, by this time there tanks were advancing really fast , and I turned my head and looked to the trench which was next, only to me to see the other two soldiers which were in the trench laying down on the ground dead.

“Oh my god” this was all I could say

At this moment , I heard a loud noise , it was the noise made by the flying fighters(airplanes) ,

“Is this real???”

It only took ten minutes for the plane fighters to destroy some of their tanks, however most of their tanks retreated quickly as they did not want their tanks to be destroyed , we were saved , their attack was halted, but many of my friends and comrades lost their life.

However , I was lucky to stay alive as the next day was the happiest day of my life , as the enforcement troops arrived and I was given a holiday for a week, and was allowed to go back to visit my wife and family, but no matter what happens I will never forget that day, The Day on which We were Fighting for our lives.

Other Short Stories:

Short Story: Joe is not studying

Please tell me what you think of this story ???


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Poll: What do you want to read in Vix Stories?


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40 Inspirational Photos

Everyone needs a way to find inspiration and motivation for his work , and a good way of getting inspiration is by looking through some ictures that can give us ideas and inspiration.

I have found these photos are very nice and also they are a great way of getting inspiration, hope you can get some ideas and inspiration from them.

By the way these photos are from the from National Geographic , I just wanted to share them with you because of the great ideasthat can be generated from them.


(Click on image to enlarge) / ( image source )

Note: Click on any image in the subject to get them high quality. May take pictures and a lot of time to download depending on your internet speed.








































And you can see the National Geographic archive full of the finest wallpapers of nature through this link: Click here


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How to describe a setting using Personiofication???


Image by Big Grey Mare via Flickr

The setting of a short story is very important part, getting the setting right , and making it good means you will have a good story. There are many things and techniques used to describe and create the setting, one of these things which are used to create the setting is using Personifications.

So What is a Personification?

Personification is when something described as if it is alive when it is not.

For example:

The leaves danced in the gentle breeze

The verb “danced” is not usually used for leaves and makes them sound human. They don’t decide to dance, but the breeze makes them look as though they are dancing.


So now we know what is a Personification , but how can we use it in creating the setting of a short story????

To answer this question let’s read the extract below ,it’s from the opening of the novel Bleak House, by Charles Dickens .

Fog everywhere, Fog up the river, where it flows among green aits and meadows; fog down the river, where it rolls defiled among the tires of shipping , and the waterside pollutions of a great (and dirty) city. Fog on the Essex marshes; fog on the Kentish heights. Fog creeping into the cabooses of collier-brigs; fog lying out on the yards , and hovering in the rigging of great ships , fog drooping on the gunwales of barges and small boats. Fog in the eyes and throats of ancient Greenwich pensioners, wheezing by the firesides of their wards; fog in the stem and bowl of the afternoon pipe of the toes wrathful skipper, down in his close cabin; fog cruelly pinching the toes and fingers of his shivering little ‘prentice boy on deck. Chance people on the bridges peeping over the parapets into a nether sky of fog, with fog al around them, as if they were up in a balloon, and hanging in the misty clouds.

We can see from the above the different use of personifications in creating the atmosphere and the setting of short story.

Some of the personifications from the opening:

  • where it rolls defiled among the tires of shipping
  • fog lying out on the yards
  • hovering in the rigging of great ships
  • fog cruelly pinching the toes and fingers

and still there are more personifications in the above opening, the above opening is a good example of showing how can we use personifications to describe and create the setting of the story and come up with a great setting just like what Charles Dickens did.

You might ask why some of the sentences are short like ” Fog everywhere ” , that is not a really sentence because it does not have a verb. However, it is dramatic and it instantly sets the scene, and that is why Dickens used it.

Personifications can be used to describe the setting of short stories and they make the story interesting, creative and unique.

Every sentence in the extract, apart from the last one, follows the same structure. They start with ‘Fog’ and then describe where the fog is. Have a go at writing a similar paragraph following the same structure, like this:

Rain everywhere. Rain….

You can use this as an exercise to practice using personifications.


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Interesting Blog: Shelled Dreams

dreams and wishes. 62/365

Image by ♥ via Flickr

This is the first blog that I m going to talk about in my Interesting blogs………………………………………..

What would you ask for? What dreams would you like to accomplish? I will try to help you. I hope my writing will guide you to seize the opportunities that come your way…and push you to chase after the opportunities that slide past you. I hope someday that all of our dreams will be realized.

We all have shelled dreams that we’ve put away for one reason or another. I dare you now to reclaim them.

So what this blog shelled dreams is all about?????

This blog is about a writer who dreams of having his novel published, it is a dream that many fiction  writers from around the word share, when your novel does not get published and the agents send you letters saying the will not publish it , you will feel down , and your confidence will fall down , and thoughts will come to your mind that you are not a good writer and you should leave writing and start doing something else.

Well the same thing happened for this writer, but instead of falling down , and leaving his dreams behind, he decided to carry on and continue working till he accomplish his dreams, and he started this nice blog called Shelled Dreams.


How can you describe this blog Shelled Dreams ?

Well I can describe this blog in two words it’s a Nice and Creative blog, not because the blog topic is interesting , and its unique but the way posts and content of this blog are written , it’s a blog worth reading if you are looking to get some inspiration , creativity and calmness , and if you don’t believe me or if you think this is silly then you better Dont Read these posts:

Because if you read these posts your ideas about this blog will quickly change and you would be thinking : Oh how could I miss on such amazing & creative blog?

I have read the posts on this blog and I found that the writer of this posts has an amazing creativity and talent and only fool people will reject to publish a novel written by this writer , they would be fool because they will miss all the goodness and profits of publishing his novel.

Why is this blog worth visiting?

  • There are a couple of great poems that you should not miss.

  • You will be amazed by the creativity of the person who is writing this blog…… you don’t belive me …. visit the blog and see it yourself.

  • The way the writer links between the different things is just amazing, and he has a talent and creativity that should not be missed.

  • If you are looking for a way for inspiration then I think you should subscribe to this blog, because it’s a good way of getting inspiration and ideas.

  • If you are hunting for creative and interesting blogs that are worth the reading, then I think yo just had found your target Shelled Dreams.

  • The blog topic which is about a dream of someone , makes the blog worth visiting

  • Shelled Dreams has some interesting poems , to all the poem lovers you should not miss on such nice poems.

And at last but not least:

I want to tell the author of the blog Shelled Dreams , I hope one day you will be able to make your dream come true and become a great writer, and thanks for creating the blog Shelled Dreams because it is a great way for inspiration and its a good blog that I think everyone should read , and continue with your writing and blogging




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