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How to write a blog review that is Interesting?

How to Write

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Have you ever wondered how to write an interesting blog review? and how can you make people like that blog? Here’s how to do it in a few easy steps:

1. Choose a blog that you like , or a blog that interest you.

2. Read the posts of that blog

3. See what is interesting in that blog from your point of view

4. make sure you know some information about the author of the blog ( the blogger )

5. Choose a good title for your (blog review) post

 eg. An interesting blog that I found ……….

      A blog that you must see or (check or know about)………..

6. Start writing your blog review

 For tips on what to include in your review see:

15 point that you must include in your blog review to make it interesting.

7.  After writing your review proof read it

8. Make sure you include a question at the end of the post asking for comments & opinion

9. Publish your post (blog review)

10. Go to the blog owner & inform or comment on their blog:

    I have written a review of your blog ( your post link), tell me what you think of the review?

   ( In this way you will get more traffic to your blog and you will get the opinion of the blogger)

If you have some interesting tips that make blog reviews better, please feel free to share those tips 🙂


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15 point that you must include in your blog review to make it interesting.

Review cards

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Here are some points that you should include in your next blog review if you want your blog review to be interesting.

1. The first thing that came to your mind? When you visited the blog for the first time

2. How did you discover the blog?

3. Some information about the blogger (the author of the blog that you are reviewing)

4.Blog mission ( talk about the mission of the blog)

5. Talk about the  different categories that the blog have ( talk about what each category and its posts)

6. What would you miss if you don’t visit this blog?

7.Why this blog is interesting ( the blog that you are reviewing)

8. Types of content on that blog (videos, pictures,posts,etc..)

9. Desgin of the blog

10.Some interesting posts (add links to the posts that you find interesting and creative)

11. Where do you think this blog will be in the future?

12. For how long the blog  has been around for?

13. Include picture of the blog or Logo

14. Talk about some of the Free stuff offered by the blog

15. Tell the people why did you want to write this review in the first place?


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Interesting Blog: Shelled Dreams

dreams and wishes. 62/365

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This is the first blog that I m going to talk about in my Interesting blogs………………………………………..

What would you ask for? What dreams would you like to accomplish? I will try to help you. I hope my writing will guide you to seize the opportunities that come your way…and push you to chase after the opportunities that slide past you. I hope someday that all of our dreams will be realized.

We all have shelled dreams that we’ve put away for one reason or another. I dare you now to reclaim them.

So what this blog shelled dreams is all about?????

This blog is about a writer who dreams of having his novel published, it is a dream that many fiction  writers from around the word share, when your novel does not get published and the agents send you letters saying the will not publish it , you will feel down , and your confidence will fall down , and thoughts will come to your mind that you are not a good writer and you should leave writing and start doing something else.

Well the same thing happened for this writer, but instead of falling down , and leaving his dreams behind, he decided to carry on and continue working till he accomplish his dreams, and he started this nice blog called Shelled Dreams.


How can you describe this blog Shelled Dreams ?

Well I can describe this blog in two words it’s a Nice and Creative blog, not because the blog topic is interesting , and its unique but the way posts and content of this blog are written , it’s a blog worth reading if you are looking to get some inspiration , creativity and calmness , and if you don’t believe me or if you think this is silly then you better Dont Read these posts:

Because if you read these posts your ideas about this blog will quickly change and you would be thinking : Oh how could I miss on such amazing & creative blog?

I have read the posts on this blog and I found that the writer of this posts has an amazing creativity and talent and only fool people will reject to publish a novel written by this writer , they would be fool because they will miss all the goodness and profits of publishing his novel.

Why is this blog worth visiting?

  • There are a couple of great poems that you should not miss.

  • You will be amazed by the creativity of the person who is writing this blog…… you don’t belive me …. visit the blog and see it yourself.

  • The way the writer links between the different things is just amazing, and he has a talent and creativity that should not be missed.

  • If you are looking for a way for inspiration then I think you should subscribe to this blog, because it’s a good way of getting inspiration and ideas.

  • If you are hunting for creative and interesting blogs that are worth the reading, then I think yo just had found your target Shelled Dreams.

  • The blog topic which is about a dream of someone , makes the blog worth visiting

  • Shelled Dreams has some interesting poems , to all the poem lovers you should not miss on such nice poems.

And at last but not least:

I want to tell the author of the blog Shelled Dreams , I hope one day you will be able to make your dream come true and become a great writer, and thanks for creating the blog Shelled Dreams because it is a great way for inspiration and its a good blog that I think everyone should read , and continue with your writing and blogging




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Interesting Bloggers and Blogs

Blogs on JoopeA

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I m planning to start a new category for my blog and that is interesting bloggers, in this category I will post about other bloggers and what is interesting about their blogs. The reason why I m doing this is to find some interesting blogs and give them more exposure and there are a lot of nice  and interesting blogs out there , but they just don’t get the chance to be noticed by people.

Each week I will focus on a new interesting blog, the blogs that I will write about will be about fiction  writers blog , people who post some interesting short stories, poems , creative writings, and other fiction blogs, this will be at the beginning and then I will move on to write about more interesting blogs not only blogs about fiction but some other blogs, that people should know about , and blogs that are worth reading.

How I m going to choose the blog that I m going to write about?

Well, I will use different methods and I will look through the various and different blogs untill I come across a blog that is different from the others , or a blog that has some outstanding content and interesting posts.

The things that I will talk about:

  • Review I will review that blog , and include all the things that make the blog interesting.
  • Best Posts : I will write about the best posts of that blog and its interesting content.
  • Why is it worth reading? I will tell you why that blog is worth reading , and visiting.

OK at last if you have interesting blog that you want to share and want me to visit or talk about , or if you think your blog is interesting   and you want me to talk about your blog or make reviews about it, comment on this post , and say why is it interesting, I will see if I can post something about it.


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Short Story Checklist from Blossom Dreams

I have read the blog of Blossom Dreams recently and I have come across some good tips for writing short story, these tips are worth reading and checking so I have decided to reblog her checklist Short Story Checklist its a good one so check it out 🙂


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Where do I see Vix Stories??

Ok my ambition is to make vix stories a popular blog thhis why I m trying to expand on not just writing stories , but on writing notes, creative writing, reviews and other things , I hope I will make this blog a great one and aslo a great help for those who need help in there writing.


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100 Inspirational Posts to Make You a Better Writer

I was searching for ways to get some inspiration to write posts and to update my blog , this when I came across this amazing links , its really useful , and it has many ways which you can use to keep your blog alive with new posts , what are you waiting for check it out!!!!

100 Inspirational Posts to Make You a Better Writer.


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