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15 point that you must include in your blog review to make it interesting.

Review cards

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Here are some points that you should include in your next blog review if you want your blog review to be interesting.

1. The first thing that came to your mind? When you visited the blog for the first time

2. How did you discover the blog?

3. Some information about the blogger (the author of the blog that you are reviewing)

4.Blog mission ( talk about the mission of the blog)

5. Talk about the  different categories that the blog have ( talk about what each category and its posts)

6. What would you miss if you don’t visit this blog?

7.Why this blog is interesting ( the blog that you are reviewing)

8. Types of content on that blog (videos, pictures,posts,etc..)

9. Desgin of the blog

10.Some interesting posts (add links to the posts that you find interesting and creative)

11. Where do you think this blog will be in the future?

12. For how long the blog  has been around for?

13. Include picture of the blog or Logo

14. Talk about some of the Free stuff offered by the blog

15. Tell the people why did you want to write this review in the first place?


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Looking for Easy Tools to improve your writing??


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So if you are looking for easy tools and easy ways to improve your writing , I think I have what you are looking for… here are some tools and tips that I have collected from around the web , why not take a look at them and see if they are really what you are looking for…

50 Tools that can Improve your Writing Skills : here are some handful of tips that have been collected by Dumb Little Man , you will find  50 tips , each tip include a link , these tips can be a great help to you to improve your writing skills.

Also I have included   some useful related articles that can make your writing better.


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100 Inspirational Posts to Make You a Better Writer

I was searching for ways to get some inspiration to write posts and to update my blog , this when I came across this amazing links , its really useful , and it has many ways which you can use to keep your blog alive with new posts , what are you waiting for check it out!!!!

100 Inspirational Posts to Make You a Better Writer.


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“Imagination is more important than knowledge”

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”

Photo credit: Sarah Durham

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” , well that is true because without imagination , you will not be able to develop new ideas and thoughts and this means that you will not be able to discover any new things which will mean that the human race will not develop at all.

Imagination is something very important and necessary to have if someone is looking for a way to find inspiration and ideas , also imagination helps is many kinds of ways , and for fiction writing , Imagination is a must have thing if you want to be successful in your writing and if you want to come up with an idea to write your story or if you want to write a novel then you should have a very good imagination that enable to you to complete writing your story or novel.

Also imagination is something very interesting , because it takes our minds away and allow us to imagine things and decide how things can happen and be able to picture our own world and live in our dreams , its something very creative and something very important if you want to make your story interesting then you should add to it some taste of imagination , i mean by this you should add some twists and unexpected things that will make the story more interesting to read , also  you can show your thoughts and ideas in the story by adding ideas , thoughts and events from your imagination.

Now why is  it that imagination is more important than knowledge , because you can gain knowledge easily by learning the things that you don’t know, but imagination is something hard to gain as it come from the creativity of the person and his thoughts and ideas.

Also Imagination is something very important in fiction writing,
and you must be good at it if you want your writings to be good and interesting.


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Tips and Notes on Writing

If you want to get some tips and notes on writing , or if you wan t some tops to improve your writing then I reccomed you to check the link below:

you will find a lot of tips for writers , tips range from how to get your work published and advice on publishing your writing to how can you edit your writing and why would you do that , also there are some really useful tips on how to create your own style of writing.


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