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Interesting Bloggers and Blogs

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I m planning to start a new category for my blog and that is interesting bloggers, in this category I will post about other bloggers and what is interesting about their blogs. The reason why I m doing this is to find some interesting blogs and give them more exposure and there are a lot of nice  and interesting blogs out there , but they just don’t get the chance to be noticed by people.

Each week I will focus on a new interesting blog, the blogs that I will write about will be about fiction  writers blog , people who post some interesting short stories, poems , creative writings, and other fiction blogs, this will be at the beginning and then I will move on to write about more interesting blogs not only blogs about fiction but some other blogs, that people should know about , and blogs that are worth reading.

How I m going to choose the blog that I m going to write about?

Well, I will use different methods and I will look through the various and different blogs untill I come across a blog that is different from the others , or a blog that has some outstanding content and interesting posts.

The things that I will talk about:

  • Review I will review that blog , and include all the things that make the blog interesting.
  • Best Posts : I will write about the best posts of that blog and its interesting content.
  • Why is it worth reading? I will tell you why that blog is worth reading , and visiting.

OK at last if you have interesting blog that you want to share and want me to visit or talk about , or if you think your blog is interesting   and you want me to talk about your blog or make reviews about it, comment on this post , and say why is it interesting, I will see if I can post something about it.


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Resources for Writers

Writer Wordart

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I have compiled up my links and the websites that I visit which help me writing and I have put them up in my link category under Resources for Writers and I hope you visit them and see if they can help you with your writing, also if you have an interesting website which is useful for writers, feel free to comment bellow and write the website link 🙂

Here are some of the great resources:


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What is Writing?

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Writing is another form of art it’s just like music or fashion , where by the artist( the writer) shows his artistic vision using words, writing has developed through the time and today we have many forms of writing  such as writing articles, poems, short stories, novels, books, etc. Writing also plays very important role in our life as it has helped the world to develop and without writing we will be able to reach the level of development that our world has reached now. Writing can be a hobby, it can be a job and it can be just an activity which you might do when you are bored.

Writing is something that can benefit the people in many ways, people who are talented in writing can become authors, journalists, writers and they can be great people if they make use of their talent. However being a famous author or writer is not an easy task and you would not be a popular and respected writer in

A day or two, it might take years or if you are really lucky and talented it might just take a few months.

Writing can offer you many jobs in our world today, you can improve your writing by taking courses , or taking writing lessons , but one thing which will always be important in improving  writing  will be practicing, the effective way to improve our writing is by writing and then when you finish writing you can go back and see your mistakes in this way you will be able to develop your writing skills and get to know the mistakes that you make and avoid them or correct them the next time you are writing.

As we said writing offer many jobs you can either be a non-fiction writer or a fiction writer, being a non-

fiction writer means you only write about facts and real things or real events, but if you want to use your imagination in writing and you want to make up events or stories then you can be a fiction writer where you have the ability to decide what will happen in your story or novel, fiction writing is totally different from non-fiction writing, and you can choose both if you like but make sure you don’t mix up between the two.

When being a writer you can choose to work from home as you have many writing jobs which can be done from home such as freelance writing, or you can choose to go to the place where your job is such as working in a newspaper where you have to go to work everyday.

Also writing can be very interesting as the day goes by, many ideas will come to your mind and you can use these ideas in your writing and make use of them by including them or writing about them.

And if you want to become a writer there are always job opportunities that await you can be an independent writer, you can write your own book and then publish it and get money from the sales of the book, or you can become freelance writer working from home and get paid  for writing.

Writing helps people in many ways if you are unemployed and you can not find a job opportunity in your current field then you can always be a writer if you know how to read and write you can write articles or information about your old job or work, or you can write a book about what your personal experience, and you still have many opportunities that you can take.

So with writing things become easy.


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100 Inspirational Posts to Make You a Better Writer

I was searching for ways to get some inspiration to write posts and to update my blog , this when I came across this amazing links , its really useful , and it has many ways which you can use to keep your blog alive with new posts , what are you waiting for check it out!!!!

100 Inspirational Posts to Make You a Better Writer.


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Blogs offering good short stories!!!

There are some blogs offering good short stories out there and they have some interesting inspirational short stories that everyone can get inspired from and enjoy the reading of the short stories they have….. this blog has some really nice short stories, they are unique and beautifully written, they also offer great inspiration to write your own short stories and the blog have short stories on different genres.

Here is also another short story blog , the blog is interesting and it has some nice stories up there and the stories are great to read , they are written by a writer from india he use his blog as a publishing platform for his short stories , just like me I use Vix Stories to publish my stories and writes notes, hope you enjoy reading them

I m still looking for good short story blogs,

If you have a short story blog please comment on the post and include the link of your blog 🙂


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I still lack creativity

I still lack creativity

I am a new writer and not professional writer , but I hope I will be able to improve my creativity and my writing skills , I m still looking on ways to improve my creativity, I dont like writing for long periods of time and I hate it when my ideas stop flowing and I stop writing simply because I don’t have anything more to write, so I hope I can get over this challenge and as they say the best way to improve your writing is to write more and to practice writing, so I searched through the web , I used Delicious to search for ways to solve this problem , and then I found the website I think this site will help me solve the problem of my ability to continue writing for long periods of time as this website is simply:

All you have to do is that everyday you log in to the website ,

and then you write 750 words, these words can be about anything , it can be about how was your day or you can write a story or apiece of writing or anything all you have to o is just write 750 words, and don t worry if your writing is about the ideas and inspiration that hit you that day and you wrote them don’t worry about other people seeing them because all of your writing will be private and no one will see them , you might ask if no one will see the things i write then why should I write in the first place , the answer is simple you write so that you can practice your writing and you can improve it and you don’t need to go and take a paper or pen and go practice writing everyday , all you have to do is just log in yo  and practice your writing , I think it’s a great website and also many people on Delicious like it, so why don’t you give it a shot and go check it out , who knows you might like the website


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Short story contest for 2011

There is a short story contest that is going to start on July 2011, the contest is orgniesd by Writers Weekly , great prizes to be won in this contest.

If you want to enter this contest first you have to pay the entery fee of $5.00, you will get an eboo about the guidelines of the contest also.

Here are the prizes of the contest (info taken from Writers Weekly)

1st Place

  • $300 Cash Prize
  • Publication of winning story on the website.
  • 1 – Freelance Income KitIncludes:
        1-year subscription to the Write Markets Report
        How to Write, Publish and $ell Ebooks
        How to Publish a Profitable Emag
        How to Be a Syndicated Newspaper Columnist Special (includes the book; database of 6000+ newspapers; and database of 100+ syndicates)

    2nd Place

  • $250 Cash Prize
  • Publication of winning story on the website.
  • 1 – Freelance Income KitIncludes:
        1-year subscription to the Write Markets Report
        How to Write, Publish and $ell Ebooks
        How to Publish a Profitable Emag
        How to Be a Syndicated Newspaper Columnist Special (includes database of 6000+ newspapers and database of 100+ syndicates)

    3rd Place

  • $200 Cash Prize
  • Publication of winning story on the website.
  • 1 – Freelance Income KitIncludes:
        1-year subscription to the Write Markets Report
        How to Write, Publish and $ell Ebooks
        How to Publish a Profitable Emag
        How to Be a Syndicated Newspaper Columnist Special (includes the book; database of 6000+ newspapers; and database of 100+ syndicates)

    20 – Honorable Mentions

    Honorable mention winners receive a one-year subscription to The Write Markets Report AND one ebook of their choice.

I think its a great contest to join and to take part in.
Visit their website Writers Weekly  , to know more info anout the contest.

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